About the Author - Zlata Ehrenstein

I grew up in Brooklyn New York. I was raised in an observant family environment and attended Bais Rivkah. For the past five generations my family has been affiliated with the Chabad movement. I was married in New York and then moved to Tsfat, Israel with my husband and our first two children.

Dealing with life in Israel, as a new settler, young wife and mother, gave me many difficult challenges. It motivated me into finding out just how life is meant to teach us to cope instead of allowing the high waves to draw us further and further out to sea.

I have always been involved in Jewish education whether teaching private classes or at Machon Alte, a women's seminary in Tsfat.

Currently I enjoy warm relationships with my seven children and a dozen grandchildren.

May HaShem bless them with health and wealth as they serve as shining lights for others.